Directions to Contributors


Sound Matters seeks blog posts on a variety of topics including but not limited to opinion pieces, theoretical/methodological perspectives, ethnographic findings, area-focused essays, the teaching of ethnomusicology, and public-sector ethnomusicology. Posts should be accessible to the general public.

Posts should not exceed 1200 words and contributors are encouraged to include photos, videos and/or audio clips. Posts should be submitted to the editorial team:

  • text as .doc or .docx
  • a succinct title for your post
  • a list of 3-5 suggested tags/keywords
  • a one sentence bio and photo, followed by (optional) links to one or more online profiles (e.g., researchgate, github, personal blog or website, soundcloud, twitter)
  • photos or images for which you control the rights and that are not currently hosted online can be emailed directly to us (.jpg or .png formats accepted). For 3rd-party hosted images, videos and sound, please provide a separate .doc file with the links and the desired captions (please note: we can not publish multimedia that you do not have permissions for, unless you are linking to already-hosted material hosted on a 3rd-party site that adheres to DMCA policies, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud).

Language: Sound Matters endeavors to engage with ethnomusicological scholarship in languages other than English. For posts that are not in English, we require a 250-word abstract in addition to the post, and the post will be reviewed and edited by a specialist in the particular language. At present, we can readily accommodate posts in Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, or German. Other languages may be possible; please contact us at for more info.

Bibliography: Sound Matters follows the conventions of the journal Ethnomusicology, and uses Chicago 17th author-date references. See here for more info.